Walking Spanish Down The Hall

Days late on damn near everything.  So you get multiple music posts today…

And you’ll like it, dammit.

I am not a “good dancer”.  When I hear music that makes me wanna shake my fine behind, well, let’s just say that some epileptics are more coordinated during a fit than I am when I’m getting down.  Not that I let that stop me.

There’s something so infectious about this song; the unmistakable guitar, the harmonies…  It’s an instant party crammed into crammed into three and a half minutes.  I can be in the car, the kitchen, walking down a crowded street and if this song comes on I’ll shake it like nobodies business…  And I’ll inform the paramedics when I’m done that I was having a good time and not swallowing my tongue.

The B-52’s - 52 Girls

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